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A different approach

My approach is simple, I believe the spirit under which your company was formed is a vital part of its future growth. I won’t tell you to change your corporate culture or anything else that makes your business an amazingly unique enterprise. What I will do is take the time to understand your business, research your unique business strategies and threats, help devise a plan to mitigate those dangers, implement solutions, and monitor compliance.

At our law firm, we don’t get our testimonials by asking our clients for them – we wait for them to develop organically in emails, commentary or blog posts.

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Review winery protocols

Research effective strategies

Coordinate plan with team members

Implement mitigation strategies

Monitor ongoing compliance

“Fine wine is a luxury good. And the luxury goods industry is a pool of great white sharks. You need to take measures to protect yourself and your business from the everyday threats that emerge, not only from federal and state regulators, but from the litigious parameters of our society.”

— Sean W. McBride, Esq.

Develop your path to greatness

Your business cannot thrive and succeed if you fail or refuse to comply with the multitude of winery compliance regulations that proliferate throughout the country. You need a skilled partner to help you navigate those waters.

If you only look for a winery compliance attorney when you have a problem, then it is most likely already too late to fix the endemic and systemic problems that have emerged in your business without a complete reset from the start.

My focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there. This includes reviewing your operation protocols, researching effective strategies to maintain a compliant business model, and monitoring your ongoing compliance program to achieve greatness.

We make it our business to help your business succeed!

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